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Compression packing is rigorously tested to ensure reliable, cost-effective sealing in valves, pumps, agitators and other rotary equipment. It includes Garlock’s patented 9000 EVSP® valve stem packing and leading-edge DSA dry-running self-adjusting pump packing sets. The development of the Garlock® compression packing line reflects the changes in the materials used in its production. Until the 1980’s packing was generally referred to as “greasy rope,” made of vegetable fibers, laminated wire and metal. The Clean Air Act prompted use of more exotic synthetic materials, such as carbon/ graphite, Kevlar®, Kynol®, and Teflon®. One of the most recent material developments is braided flexible graphite foil combined with high performance proprietary coatings, which meets the EPA’s latest requirements for low emissions sealing.