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Gasketing is offered in wide range of non-asbestos materials including GYLON® restructured PTFE gaskets, an industry standard for resistance to aggressive chemicals, and its extreme grade gasketing with Flange Free® anti-stick coating. A patented heat welding process enables the production of one-piece gaskets instead of separate segments spliced together. Our gasketing products include engineered low-load styles available in either sheet form or as discreet gaskets as well as materials to effectively seal metallic piping. High Pressure Sheet (HPS) Gasket Material Compressed fiber sheet gasket material, a stalwart of the Garlock® product line, has been improved and expanded over the years. The materials have been reformulated and upgraded, and the HPS manufacturing process now uses an environmentally friendly non-VOC solvent. In addition, Garlock’s® environmental controls now include a solvent recovery system that captures emissions and recycles them into the production process. Solvent recovery is used in the production of both high pressure sheet and GYLON®. Looking for a product to procure for your construction project? Working on a piping system engineering spec? Need specification help on this product for your system? Our Engineering and Construction team is available for assistance no matter where you are