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High Temperatur asbestos & fibber

High Temperatur asbestos & fibber

Update Terakhir 24 / 06 / 2021
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Detail High Temperatur Asbestos & Fibber

fibber glass cloth & asbestos cloth
1High temperature:
All Custom Gasket can serve the industries with an insulation requirements from 450ºF - 3000ºF.

Ceramic papers are generally used to solve all types of heat related problems. It exhibits excellent chemical stability & resisting attack from most corrosive agents. Temperature upto 2300ºF ( 1260ºC)

Ceramic blankets
consists of lightweight, thermally efficient ceramic fiber insulating materials. It has excellent chemical stability, Low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption with high resilience.
Temperature .3000ºF or 1650ºC
Available in various densities , thickness and widths.

Ceramic Millboards are rigid high temperature ceramic fiber boards, offering low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability, uniform density and excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack. Available in thicknesses 1/8” to 2” and has temperature ranging up to 3000ºF or +1650ºC

MICA is a mineral offering temperatures upto 1850ºF(1000º C), resists fire without burning, has low conductivity, good compression resistance, good tensile and bending strength. Available in sheets, tubes, washers and machined parts.

Silica fabric is composed of texturized yarn, having good insulating properties. Has temperature up to 1800ºF (980ºC)
Available in cloth, tapes, ropes and sleeving.

Fiberglass tape is lightly woven tape manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarn. The salvaged edge will not fray or unravel. Available in plain, bolt-hole (drop-warp/ladder) and adhesive backed. Used to make tadpole tapes. Also available with vermiculite coating, wire- reinforced and tacky fiberglass cloth.

Fiberglass rope is made of contiuous filament texturized yarn , woven into rope. Fiberglass ropes are asbestos free and widely used in industrial ovens, furnaces, boilers and wood burning stoves. Available in knitted, braided, twisted , square & round profiles. It can be reinforced by steel wires and coated with graphite or vermiculite to increase thermal insulation and abrasive resistance.

Tadpole Tapes are resilient, non absorbent gasketing tapes formed by wrapping heat resistant cores with specially treated cover materials. Edges are either stitched or glued forming the tail structure. Available with core materials of inconel or stainless steel mesh,and single, double or custom tail.

Ceramic tapes are a superior insulating tape capable of withstanding temperatures to 3000ºF and are made from alumina oxide based , high purity refractory fibers. It is resistant to molten metal sparks & splashes, most chemicals & solvents, resistant to thermal shock and has good dielectric strength. It is available in insert materials of glass (1250ºF) or inconel wire (2000ºF). Available in 1”, 2” & 3” wide roll form.

Flexible graphite is manufactured from mineral graphite. It is also called Graphoil® . Sheets can be laminated with 316 stainless steel foil, tang inserts, wire inserts for various applications. Ideal for high temperature uses. Recommended in refineries, chemical & petrochemical plants, paper mills and other industrial fields. Also available as Die Formed Rings and flexible tape. Temperature up to 3000ºF.

Marinite A is a non-asbestos strong inorganic board for conveying and handling molten aluminum and other non-ferrous metals up to 1500ºF

Marinite I is a non-asbestos incombustible calcium silicate fiber reinforced sheet that has a combined structural strength with high thermal insulating values for application up to 1200ºF

Marinite P has much higher compressive strength than Marinite I. It is more dense and has a higher temperature service up to 1700ºF

Transite H T is an asbestos-free high temperature, high density fiber, reinforced cement sheet. It has a combination of high strength, thermal stability and electric insulation. Can withstand operating temperatures from 450ºF to 600ºF.

Glasstherm is a thermal insulation sheet with superior strength and heat resistance for applications with continuous temperatures from 425ºF to 550ºF

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