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  • Fire Resistant Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Fire Resistant Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Fire Resistant Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Update Terakhir 24 / 06 / 2021
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Detail Fire Resistant Ceramic Fiber Blanket

  1. Product Description Ceramic fiber blanket is a new kind fire-resistant heat insulation material with white color, standard dimension and the function of fire-resistance, heat insulation and heat preservation. Without any bonding agent, good tensile strength, tenacity and fiber structure can be kept while using under the normal and oxidation condition. Temperature level is 1050-1430 degree Celsius. Ceramic Fiber Blanket Characteristics: Low thermal conductivity and low heat storage. Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance. Excellent erosion resistance Excellent heat insulation, fire proofing and procssing function. Application Range: Industrial furnaces, heaters, inside walll of hige temperature rube. Electric power furnace, nuclear power station and heat insulation. Fire proofing and heat insulation of high building.
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