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Novaform® SK Frenzelit

Novaform® SK Frenzelit

Update Terakhir 17 / 05 / 2022
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Detail Novaform® SK Frenzelit

sheet packing

Material profile High-quality aramid fibres and functional fillers are the basic materials used to manufacture novaform® SK, reinforced by a galvanised zigzag twill fabric (1.0314), homogeneously embedded in an NBR matrix. Materials with excellent properties are produced from this raw material blend: • extremely high tensile strength • outstanding pressure resistance • maximum temperature stability • unique mechanical resistance and reliability • stable long-term sealing properties, even under extreme conditions Application areas novaform® SK is the ideal choice for use in the exhaust section of diesel engines, for example in shipbuilding: • for extreme thermal and mechanical conditions, particularly for hot exhaust fumes, e.g. for exhaust systems, exhaust turbochargers, compressors • can be combined very effectively with inner eyelet to improve performance Good for people and the environment Frenzelit has obtained certification that the company complies with the requirements of both ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001. This means complete transparency in all areas and a high degree of security for our customers. Do you have any questions about your application?

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