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  • Round Sight glass kaca tempered
Round Sight glass kaca tempered

Round Sight glass kaca tempered

Update Terakhir 24 / 03 / 2022
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Detail Round Sight Glass Kaca Tempered

Kaca Tempered
Round Sight glass kaca tempered
Gauge Glass/Level Sight Glass Used in Industry Pipe
Gauge glass also named sight glass or level gauge glass. According to the application requirement for pressure and temperature, different material is used. Each type max working temperature is shown below.

Soda-lime glass (window glass) widely used for lower cost, working temperature up to 230 °C.
Borosilicate glass particularly useful for applications in aggressive environments (acids, alkali, water vapor), working temperature up to 350 °C.
Aluminosilcate glass have similar properties to borosilicate glass, but with better chemical resistance and higher permissible operating temperature of up to 600 °C.
Quartz glass has long range light transmittance (from ultraviolet to infrared), and its operating temperature is up to 1100 °C.
Round Sight glass:Description
It is mainly used to observe the level of the boiler or other equipment filled with liquid, also can be used as watching glass window for thermal and chemical reaction.