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Papers, Cork & Felt

Papers, Cork & Felt

Update Terakhir 24 / 06 / 2021
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packing sheet
Vegetable Fibre:
is a treated cellulose fiber material impregnated with a protein glue and glycerine binder. It is recommended for all oil, grease, water and gasoline flange connections on automobiles, industrial motors, trucks and tractors. Available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 0.006”th to 0.187”th . Color: Tan

Fish paper: is a vulcanized fibre sheet used for its excellent electrical insulating properties. It is flexible, extremely durable and is available in sheet stock and custom parts. Standard color : Grey

Cork-Rubber: is a compound of cork and rubber made by using first grade granulated cork and synthetic rubber polymer.This product has the high resilience of rubber and the compressibility of cork.It is generally used in the automotive,tractor,ship,transformer,petroleum and electrical equipment industries.

Felt: Felt is matted wool subjected to moisture, heat and pressure.Wool is one of the most versatile fibres.Typical applications are gaskets, dust shields, oil and grease retention wipers, bearing seals, and bumpers. Also available in mildew resistant felt.

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