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Packing Gasket of Carbon Fiber

Packing Gasket of Carbon Fiber

Update Terakhir 03 / 01 / 2024
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Detail Packing Gasket Of Carbon Fiber

Product Description
It is is composed of carbonized fiber which is braided, dipped in teflon emulsion.

Performance And Feature
Applicable to dynamic sealing location under general working condition.
Carbon fiber packing set can be used in the medium with few particle crystal.
3. Good thermal conductivity

Scope Of Application
1. Working Temperature: ~260(the carbon fiber packing set not dipped in teflon can be used safely under 800 degree)
2. Working Pressure: Less than 10MPa
3. Applicable to the medium pH range: 0~10
4. Product Size: 3mm*3mm~50mm*50mm

The material can be instead as follows: Flexible Graphit, Teflon Packing Set, Carbon Fiber Packing Set

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