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Compression Packing garlock gland packing

Compression Packing garlock gland packing

Update Terakhir 03 / 01 / 2024
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Detail Compression Packing Garlock Gland Packing

Gland Packing
jual gland packing garlock berbagai macam type dan jenis
From Graphite and Carbon Packings to PTFE Packings, Garlock offers a wide range of products engineered to meet the needs and quality requirements of a variety of applications. Whether general use or more complex and challenging applications, Garlock provides consistent quality and reliable supply.

Correct product selection is essential to ensure safe, reliable equipment performance. Garlock’s Compression Packing materials will help you not only save valuable resources, but also maintain safe processes that comply with strict fugitive emission limits.

The combination of high-performance, proprietary coatings with technical yarns designed and produced in-house, Garlock’s packing products are ideal for sealing hard media, resisting wear, and lowering friction. This control over material quality and design allows us to provide you with a packing that is easy to install, preserves the condition of your equipment, and increases expected service life.